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Amelia Wattenberg & Russel Goldenberg

Declarative Data Visualization: Creating a bar chart race

We'll create a recently popularized data visualization: the bar chart race! As we build, we'll discuss the benefits of using Svelte and how it compares to a pure d3 implementation. We'll cover lots of interesting techniques, like rendering with SVG & HTML, easy-to-maintain transitions, and componentizing chart parts!

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Martin McKeaveney

Building the Next Generation of Low Code with Svelte

A dive into budibase - an open source low code platform for building internal tools on your own infrastructure in minutes.

The platform relies heavily on svelte and this talk will detail how we leverage svelte within budibase to produce lightweight, incredibly performant applications with a low code tool.

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Stephane Vanraes

Optimizing your Svelte Community Experience

Getting stuck while working with Svelte is never nice, but where and how do you get the help you need, especially in a community that is fully volunteer driven ?

I will take you through the several venues for bugs, general questions and specific use cases as well as how to best prepare your issue to get quick and precise answers without alienating other users.

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Anthony Le Goas

Compile for accessibility with Svelte

What if your favorite frontend framework could (really) help you create accessible web applications?

A sweet dream, no? Well, don't dream anymore because Svelte integrates checks on good accessibility practices directly in its compiler. Let's figure out together how this is done, the benefits and the limits.

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Dele Omotosho

Building for An Emerging Economy

Why and how we settled on Svelte to build the research and collaboration platform for Lawyers and Law Firms in Africa where internet connection is a challenge and speed was the #1 factor.

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Tane Piper

Reactive Forms with Svelte

Learn about Formula - a library for Svelte designed for building fully reactive data-driven applications with HTML5 forms, Svelte Actions and Stores.

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Francisco Bernardo

A signal engine for audio and music in your Svelte app

The sema-engine library ( provides a high-performance audio engine for modern Web applications, with an easy-to-use API that has been previously used in the making of Svelte-based apps. It uses the Web Audio API Audio Worklet and Maximilian DSP C++ library to render audio in a dedicated thread. This lightning talk will cover the basics of setting up and usage of the sema-engine with Svelte-based apps for music and sound control.

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Isaac Hagoel

Untangling Composition and Higher Order Components

A short yet deep dive into higher order components in Svelte. We will learn what higher order components are and see two distinct patterns for implementing them in svelte: slots and svelte:component. We will discuss some tradeoffs, gotchas and insights gained from a year of using svelte in production

Special thanks to Thomas Dune for his help in making this

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Svelte Summit is an event dedicated to Svelte and everything that is happening in the community. You'll be able to tune in to a full day of talks and discussions all while chatting to other Svelthusiasts on the Discord server.

When is it? What time?

April 25th, 2021 We will aim to do what we did last time and have talks all throughout the day. An exact starting time not yet been decided on but we can tell you that the event will go on for about 5-6 hours (including breaks).

Will it be recorded?

Absolutely! You'll find it on the Svelte Society YouTube channel once the event has been finished.

How do I watch it?

Once the day arrives, tune in to the Svelte Society YouTube channel and start watching. We'll also make sure to post a notice at the top of this page if you forget where to go.

Can you remind me when the date gets closer?

Yes, enter your email here.

Svelte Summit is a volunteer effort.
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