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Rich Harris

Futuristic Web Development

The front end development landscape has been transformed since we started building Svelte and Sapper. What would a reimagined, truly modern workflow look like?

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Annie Taylor Chen

How to build a cat-themed streaming service with Svelte

Have you heard of Meowflix, a Netflix but dedicated only to cat-themed movies, built by a group of diligent cats? Tune in for a brief walkthrough on how it was made.

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Nicolo Davis

How does Svelte's crossfade function work?

Declarative programming is nice. However, actions performed on a web app are imperative. Svelte's crossfade function provides a way to bridge the gap seamlessly.

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Jim Fisk

Zero config Svelte websites with Plenti

Plenti is an open source static site generator (SSG) that uses Svelte to give developers a dead simple way to make dynamic and speedy websites. It takes a new approach by cutting out bundlers, hitting the compiler directly in V8, and building scaffolding in Go to give an extremely fast and consistent developer experience. We'll go over how the data source, content structure, layout, routing, and hydration are all connected to work out-of-the-box. You don't need any tools or configuration to get started — NodeJS and NPM are optional.

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Luke Edwards

Svelte at the Edge: Powering Svelte Apps with Cloudflare Workers

Will Svelte run inside a Cloudflare Worker? What are the benefits? Are there trade-offs? Can we make this easier?

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Nick Reese

Building SEO Friendly Sites with Svelte and Elder.js

Svelte makes interactivity a breeze but building SEO focused websites with Svelte isn't as easy as it seems.

In this talk we'll explore how you can use Svelte and Elder.js to build flagship SEO sites. We'll cover routing, partial hydration, hooks, and shortcodes so you can hit the ground running.

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Peter Allen


A REPL, or online playground, is a great way to allow users to test-drive tools you have built without needing to install a thing, but they are also great for interactive tutorials, sharing snippets and reporting bugs!

The Svelte REPL has been a feature of the svelte ecosystem since time immemorial and while REPLs can be complex, the principles are simple when you know them.

We will take a dive into how the Svelte REPL works and build the simplest possible version. LIVE!

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Kirill Vasiltsov

Unlocking The Power of Svelte Actions

Learn how to make development easier with Svelte actions.
Create custom events, extend DOM attributes, share animation logic and

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Morgan Williams

The Zen of Svelte

Approaching frontend as a backend developer, Svelte feels surprisingly pythonic. Let's take a quick look at what's familiar, what's foreign, and how to explore the gap.

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Dominik G

Introduction to Svite

An Introduction to svite and demonstration of its features:

  • easy setup with cli

  • ultra fast hot-module-reloading

  • optimized production build

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Daniel E. Sandoval

Prototyping Testing with Real Data Models using Svelte

Rapid prototyping and feedback is the best way to ensure that our products are solving real problems and meeting user needs. Tools like Figma and InVision let us mock up something quickly and get static prototypes in front of users without having to dive into the intricacies of building real software. These tools fall short, however, when our prototype relies on real data in order to test our assumptions in a user interview or usability test.

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R. Mark Volkmann

Svelte Animations - Builtin and Custom

This talk equips Svelte developers to add animations to their apps. First, builtin animations using the svelte/animate, svelte/motion, and svelte/transition packages will be described and demonstrated. Then we will venture into creating custom animations and show how they are based on CSS rather than JavaScript for best performance. The content is derived from my book 'Svelte and Sapper in Action'.

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Ron Au

The Web à la Mode

The web is a mouthwatering platform, fashionably served with a side of sweet reactivity. Take a wild ride exploring what it has to offer you and how Svelte ties it all together.

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Matthias Stahl

How you setup data visualization with Svelte

Svelte is not just a JavaScript compiler. It is a way of thinking to design complex data visualizations. Come with me on a journey through one of my recent Svelte data visualization works.

Lean back and I’ll show you the how and the wow!

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Tan Li Hau

Demystifying Svelte Transitions

It's unbelievably easy to create a cool slick transition in Svelte. Do you ever wonder how Svelte make it so simple? or how does Svelte make it performant and smooth?

In this talk, we are going to take a deep dive to look at the transition mechanism, how Svelte coordinates transitions across components, and what make them performant.

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Tim Raderschad

Modern fetch in svelte using stores

In this short talk we will take a look at using Svelte and their awesome stores to create a modified version of fetch which will make our UIs feel responsive and clean. At the end we will also sprinkle in a bit of caching to further improve the performance. We will also talk about Loading Spinners and how we can avoid bored users!

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Alessandro Segala

So you want to pick a router?

If you are building a Single-Page App (SPA), you will likely need a router for your app. With the lack of an official router for Svelte 3, there's quite a few options, so which one should you pick?

In this talk, we'll look at the two different kinds of routers (based on the History API or based on the page's hash), how they differ, and when you should pick which. We'll also go through a demo of implementing routing for a Svelte 3 SPA using svelte-spa-router.

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Benjamin Schachter

Learn Svelte Using React

Let's use mental models we already know to learn Svelte.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Svelte Summit is an event dedicated to Svelte and everything that is happening in the community. You'll be able to tune in to a full day of talks and discussions all while chatting to other Svelthusiasts on the Discord server.

When is it? What time?

October 18th, 2020 at 2PM GMT! We will aim to do what we did last time and have talks all throughout the day. In practice this means that we will start 14GMT and continue until we're done. This has the added benefit of making it possible for our speakers to be present when their talks are given so that they can answer questions.

Will it be recorded?

Absolutely! You'll find it on the Svelte Society YouTube channel once the event has been finished.

How do I watch it?

Once the day arrives, tune in to the Svelte Society YouTube channel and start watching. We'll also make sure to post a notice at the top of this page if you forget where to go.

Can you remind me when the date gets closer?

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