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About Svelte Summit

On the 26th of April 2019 we held the first Svelte conference. It gathered over 1000 highly enthusiastic developers from across the globe. Since then we've hosted and organised two more events, each time the number of attendees grows by a lot. In contrast to most other events we take pride in keeping it joyful and fun, much like how people feel when they decide to use Svelte.

Below you'll find some stats on earlier events as well as our Social media accounts.

Why sponsor?

Svelte is growing like crazy. Numbers are up manyfold on the Community discord, Reddit as well as on a number of other platforms. Developers love Svelte. So much so that they quit their jobs if they find a new one where they can use it. As you can see in the screenshots below, Svelte topped the charts for most exciting and most loved framework in a couple of surveys this year.

With your help we can make Svelte Summit even better.

Sponsorship Packages

  • 💎 Platinum


    This is the package for companies that really want to show their love for Svelte and the Svelte community. You'll get the largest size logo on the website and the possibility to provide a 30 second promo video during the event. If you have any other interesting ideas we can discuss those as well.

    • Everything in 🥇 Gold
    • Largest size of logo on website and in slides between talks
    • 30 second promo/video during start, break and end of event. (you'll have to make it yourself!)
    • Above the fold (on desktop) logo in all our email blasts
    • Other ideas, reach out to discuss
  • 🥇 Gold


    You like Svelte a lot. And you want there to be more conferences. This is the package for you. You'll get everything in Silver but larger logos. You'll also be eternalised in the separate videos that will be uploaded after the event on our YouTube channel

    • Everything in 🥈 Silver
    • Larger size of your logo on slides between talks
    • Logo at the start of separate videos uploaded after the event on our YouTube channel.
    • Announcement of sponsorship in an email to our subscribers.
  • 🥈 Silver


    You're a smaller company that wants to show your support for Svelte. This is an excellent opportunity to let developers know you're interested in Svelte.

    • Logo on website
    • Logo shown at the start and end of the event
    • Social media tweet
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